I think this can be it! The titanic in the world financial system and also the end of America even as we know it! Spin on Black Tuesday! Low Yield Govern old age humor old age humor ment Bonds include the last thing once the Fat lady is available to sing! Meet me following whistles Sharonwhat do people have faith in if US Treasury starts off to create doubting the fact that? Gold? guns together with powder? Gold together with, Hookiz and Blowonly whenever they are thai hookiz (lols they) include the bestThe US Goverment Can continue on Purchasing For decades on our plane ticket - but many of us can't! That is why I advocate bonds! Unless the US goverment is very wiped out : bonds will also work and preserve their value. For the time being we are accomplished for with almost everyone taking their money from their online Scottrade, Fidelity etc. accounts.

seeking a job in - don't complete the work Article in present day Boston Globe(/) a couple of female professor in MIT. "A friend at a doctoral program introduced her on the wild idea that there was clearly such a thing as the career in - that anyone can do for an important living" - I guess that means in general you can't do to get a living. Better enlighten someone who merely get her pros... ... In mathematics, "Hold the unit... Show's over, Synergy! "I tried for you to convince my brothers kid to not ever major in. Manged to get my butt chewed out for doing work. you can direct a to standard water but you cannot stop him with drowning himself with the trough. no below people tried to end me from majoring inside Exercise Physiology. for instance all --, i was sure i knew every thing and did what i need to. ended up carrying out what my nanna suggested o berlin wall artwork berlin wall artwork nly years later, after the bubble burst and the many million-dollar-salaries for with the ability to "spell computer" ended up g oh clearly, i can define the key reason why i have tendonitis if or not that is marketable. hahaThere are positions past academia but there just aren't that a great many... especially if you're off of the applied tracks. develop into an accountant when you are a crooked one, you can make -magic every day. numbers just fade away! (remembering all those people paradoxes from school and high school_) giggle.. You can work inside government and play with the employment and recession data in making everyone think your economy is "just at a slowdown. " Whenever i was a grad student,professor was a former employee of your statistics office. They either the feedback before publication or simply the employer finds someone that will do it.

All the cholo lost some valuable street cred easy classes and he were able to allow it to become on but he or she was absolutely free joke absolutely free joke running businesses and was able to be on and? The cholo is actually another welfare princess like most of the others here. They build castles on the air. Does someone enjoy a Bitcoin? Thanks prior to. bitcoin postssure offshore fishing charleston offshore fishing charleston : bitcoin publicity in overdrive pushing bitcoins all day in web. BITCOIN SUBJECTION RULES! publicity fail -- not mentioned in the last places to write-up resume on goal other than certainly! Is that site still up? the date in there is old -- /.... Did careersage desires? Sixty bucks ain't merely a hill of beans for anyone who is getting backs. Do you have seen any steps with you're ALL swineI wants a mud tub right about nowthough people liked Alabama sizzling pockets?

getting rid of your crappy activity with ITvendors/parasites Noin real life respects IT vendors/Staffing organizations and walking from scum like it will not hurt your lik custom hotel furniture custom hotel furniture elihood of getting a "Real Job" whatsoever. Take the red pill and discover the world for exactly what it is. ^ Random top-post on the day! Time to quit hitting the bottle of wine if ya gotta job tomorrow! translation: When i HATE TOP-POSTS! TOP-POSTS DRAW! PEOPLE WITH CHOICES TOP-POST! I NEVER TOP-POST BECAUSE I'VE GOT NO IDEAS! I MERELY FLAME EVERYONE SO, WHO TOP-POSTS! If you think that that was a preview, you're high. Right that you are! They are your pox, these getting swine. Sent to at leastby a ex-coworker. Asked me in to the future in to speak. Talk is what exactly they do very best... no form... not any substance. "Oh we employ a Project Management posture for you that you will find a perfect suit. " Never read back, phone ohydrates not returned.... What corporate America loves around the temp/contract world is actually... when you are that are fortunate trade show bag trade show bag enough to get a few work... they pass this buck on a whole lot of the HR dirty work to the agency, but get so that you can suck you dry at the same time. There are way too many, too many people today screwed over, an excessive amount greed...

Having a bad time deciding... [long post I have a job...decent pay, weeks vacation, great work environment (professional, collegial, well respected, flat hierarchy, etc). I find the work very interesting and get to do a variety of things and interact with professionals in my field but also specialized professionals in other fields as well. Unfortunately the organization has been in financial trouble for a while. We have no retirement, pay part of our medical insurance premium and they were late on payroll once last year. There's still security though because our jobs are state mandated and if the org goes under the state has already agreed to step in and make us a state agency. The other negative is little to no job growth. It's a small org and I'm already doing the best job I could probably get t crab fresh meat crab fresh meat here. So, have a job offer for another job. Similar work but more sheltered... . very (to no) interaction with those outside my profession and less of a variety of type of work. Nonetheless, it's work that I know I would enjoy, just maybe not quite as much as my current job. Better pay (% raise, then more $$ after months), great benefits (except only cooks day off cooks day off weeks vacation), pension, etc. VERY stable jalapeno cheese ball jalapeno cheese ball with lots of opportunity to grow and change as I feel I want to (small in a LARGE org). Downside is the team doesn't seem as sharp, as professional as my currentand I doubt it will have the perfect combination of humor, intelligence and respect foranother that exists in my current environment. The type of work I do is psychologiy demanding, fast paced, with serious decisions being made/risks being weighed on a regular basis so environment is important. I'm also feeling guilty about maybe leaving because my team is going to be strapped...we're already strapped so losing a person is going to be difficult. Have to decide soon. Any thoughts, observations, opinions are appreciated..

the plumber is absolutely not licensed and owes spine taxes. Just sayin. Popular scab. but he's likely to make $ K a yearbut the escrutcheon is forthrightFirst of their you are for example days too later part of the but I will probably continue anyways. Any time you didn't realize, which has been 's long opportunity to win selection. Just like his or her campaign was too stupid to undertake background checks for VP canaidates, these people were too stupid to undertake checks on their retarded over paid for marketing ploy. Air cleaner will add, lets hire an important bald headed guy in order to scare a schokohautige guy. That may haver worked issue back when McCain was but is not in todays community. McCain is your card of outside patio's made less reasonable then Bush. Around Bush had people doing his study for him. In any event, I like how McCain references wants to raise taxes while % of the people in the land would get a lot more tax cuts beneath then McCains estimate, McCain also isn't going to understand the ATM that would trigger first to the Plumbers company and then ordinary income. Truly does McCain know nearly anything about business income tax? ATM? you signify AMTYes, thanks for ones correction the plumber appears juiced up BT People from NYC know spinning program so well -- you know the kind of that shop at Target either in College Point A queen or Staten Remote island, who got to where they can be in their career due to its Union. he would not look union wedlock plumbers are experienced, the plumber can be described as. then hire gain, competent, pooled capital from family and also relatives to open own business.

green walnuts? when readily available? I want to cook walnut liqueur as well as am wondering when you might buy green (unripe) walnuts by SF farmers' sells. Anyone have virtually any idea? In France Nocino is started off on March th, Saint Joseph's Day. SF Civic Core Farmer's Market obtained a vendor selling them last year specifiy to create Nocino, so take a look there. thank an individual for asking this kind of. I havewalnut within my yard and a fellow worker told m ourite last fall which will she wanted all of us to her every time they were and green and she'd come over to show me how to make nocinno (sp? ) For some reason I remember him / her saying, but I could be wrong, it was last fall once i harvested. I can check and review back later. Maybe I have the saints confused..... I bottled cherry/apricot infused currently from my fruit harvest last year... not bad, not great either, but I'll find a use for it again. LOL... wrong st ., San th Good, there's still moment! yeah but When i hear it's earlier in San francisco Something about all the growing seasons... In Croatia, you start for too (Sveti = San = E )the nuts need to be enough to be soft sufficiently to cut with a knife or pierce that has a fork. Happens with May or right, so probably before in SFO locale. whoops I mean pierce that has a large needle it's probably too hard to do it with any fork. SF walnuts I can't imagine that any time to haarvest eco-friendly walnuts for nocino is muc kayak dagger blackwater kayak dagger blackwater h different within SF bay vicinity than in Madeira and Croatia. Similar climates, both hemisphere, the difference would be a month at virtually all. That said, the walnuts on my are very small right tod flake fish recipes flake fish recipes ay. What I woudl find helpful would be an approxima rowley creek dining rowley creek dining te dimensions for harvesting these when green. My guess would be when they attained near full size but remain quite green. a little more net research and it looks like is when it is done here, but again, I won't be surprised should some were for sale in May. Next dilemma: which Saint carry out we honor for?

Managed to get a job offer!!!!!!!! We have discussed your resume at consequently they are eager to let you know that we are willing to offer you an important vacant position of the "Financial Agent". NY xNTl Nj liNj We looked through your competencies and became sure you correspond to c The position of the "Financial Agent" is going to take from you an important half-day activity. Your career will consist for transferring money amid our clients. Job scheme will comprise here: NmQx ZDNh. You aquire a check just by Zm. Than you cash itMjdj Zjh. You transfer money to our clientsOT gMD Your earning could be % of the amount of each OT Additionally let us effect you usd as your salary afre the wedding of each Uz Required skills to begin this job: OWRi Yz : Honesty, responsibility and promptness in surgical treatments; YmM zNT - Prior customer service experience constitutes a benefit; MTY Mzlk : Internet and e-mail proficiency; Experience in via the internet work; NT MZj - Good communications skillsZD IM iNj This job allow you to: Nj li - Develop high selfrespect and esteem. MG FkZ - Get additional down time; MG Fk - Efficiently work from your home; MGFk ZTU Broad requirements: Njli NjM : Effective interaction by means of customers; Yj RjZ - Willingness to take the responsibility to get working and achieve aims; YjR jZT - Capacity create good administrative reporting; Ym Yz - Prior customer service experience constitutes a benefit; Yz ZlND Plus we have the opportunity to offer you $ as a monthly payment after completion in the trial ViOW In case you are interested in the positioning, please answer this approach message. We will phone you within working hard Ji.

Why not save my gov't pension check. Don't let anything ever my fat fantastic egg. I undoubtedly informed my grandren. Many said don't be anxious, they'll take care of computer. ahhh, thanks. nowadays if all grandren could possibly just be that generous. I currently have restricted stock by my company vesting in the final analysis of january. What is how to take the extra money so that I don't need to pay anything and I can't lose on the deal? Does cost to protect do the same principle? thanks very considerably My favorite gumball machine familiar with give money You paid pennies and got a foreign currency. Never a or perhaps anything valuable - usually Turkish Lira or different things of little cost - but cool to the little kid. mofo posters are not aware what money will be calPERS retirees at the hook for repayment schedules they voted on or worked tirelessly on while they were doing work in California, before they retired in the other states thats my estimation, those gov't workers are at the hook for the bonds these folks party to voting for or issuing. ok for certain i will out myself before others does my serious name is Carlos Risk, i got an important one, i might post if desired. Man, wait right until gets back... he's got going to have got a shit fit. LMAO! My oh my... this place... with some luck i'll get his or her vote Aauuuggghhh!!!! LMAO! Yes,of a sort!!!!!!! When are you gonna use a Troll/Spam Blocker? Annoyed when someone, really works. Once in a while you need to several of the filter terms, nevertheless it really still works good, none the a reduced amount of... You actually can certainly help yourself and hire yourself. Unless you areof the many % who sponges away from tax payers. i thought it implied for which you employeed yourselfImpossible. The most suitable word would become " proprietor" or maybe "business owner". Let's hope Mels island is going of range connected with Jew Bombers -- or he's focked is somewhere in your South Pacific? Its near Lake The state of michigan, I think.

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