Stuff I've Been up to

Oh Em Gee I haven't posted an update in a long time about what I've been doing or working on lately so...   here goes.   

Basically I've been writing and recording new music for an upcoming EP.  With the first EP (Ghost) I was fortunate enough to work with some pretty dope musicians and producer/mixer guys.  On this new recording I'm working with just one musician and mixer guy, and his name is ME.  So it's been a longer process than in the past to get not only the tracking done but to also mix and finish my own songs.  It really is a LABOR of love.  Even though it's been a lot of hard work and random late hours recording these new songs, there is a sense of pride that comes with creating something all by yourself.  That being said it can also be very lonely and also quite hard to keep focused and motivated without help and feedback from friends.  So I just wanna reach out and say "Hi".  Sometimes trying to make this creative thing into business feels like I'm chasing my own tail and I forget about the lovely people in my life.  So thanks for reading,  New Music will be available in the next month,  Stay Tuned!! 

P.S.  I've been getting together with some awesome musicians/friends to work on a live set and I think we have a really good thing going on.  So is this a band now? Stay Tuned Again!

cris cordero