Saw Tooth Wave rides the line between synthpop and indie rock: An eclectic mix of The Cars, Nirvana, and The Strokes…
— Atwood Magazine


Saw Tooth Wave is the bedroom project of Cris Cordero. Saw Tooth Wave has a pensiveness to it, Cordero’s songs are written through the scope of curiosity surrounding human nature. Beginning life in the bright lights of California, Cris cut his teeth in bands of the punk and indie scenes of Orange County as a teen. He has carried forward the DIY ethic to Saw Tooth Wave, going on to do most of his recording at home as well as playing all instruments on the forthcoming Saw Tooth Wave EP.

His first sessions for the 2017 EP Ghost, saw him take a variety of influence from Guided by Voices and Pixies to New Order to M83 whilst drawing comparisons to another Orange County native, Jeff Buckley. Atwood Magazine labeled the lead single ‘My New Bicycle’ as “a fiery piece of indie rock resilience”.

Saw Tooth Wave’s forthcoming second EP A Safe Place for Feelings is due for release August 2019 and is born out of Cris’ newfound confidence following the success of Ghost. Three singles have been released preceding the EP, all having been met with a positive response from fans and critics alike. 2019 will see Saw Tooth Wave mark its live debut with a full band in the coming months.