Saw Tooth Wave is the project of Los Angeles based musician Cris Cordero.  Cris’s songs have been compared to artists like Guided By VoicesThe StrokesSurfer Blood, Nirvana etc. and draw heavily from the diverse alternative rock sound of the early 90’s; the musical environment in which Cris came of age.  Since releasing the debut EP Ghost in May 2017,  Cris has been hard at work writing and recording a follow up EP entitled A Safe Place for Feelings which he plans to release in Spring of 2019. 
    Growing up in Orange County, CA, Cris got his start playing in punk and indie bands where he developed an appreciation for the DIY approach to making music.  Over the years Cris's love for recording grew and eventually he amassed enough gear and know-how to make a proper sounding record.  In true DIY fashion Cris is the sole musician on A Safe Place for Feelings and also handled all the mixing and producing duties.  Cris has assembled a live band and plans to do live shows with Saw Tooth Wave in 2019.